Guy Collier

Guy is the sole director of GHC Building Solutions and established the company with his wife, Holly in early 2011.

Guy has worked in the construction industry for close to 15 years and has had a broad range of experience.


He holds a Certificate IV in Building and Construction, Certificate III in carpentry and has completed courses in business management, asbestos removal, waterproofing and is currently applying for his Building Inspector's licence.

Guy recently was awarded the 2017 Master Builders Rising Star for young builders in the industry with exceptional commitment to the trade and was particularly noted for his quality and customer service.

Guy is the proud father of two young children Sam and Ruby who he enjoys spending time with. 

His other interests include golf, mud-crabbing, shooting and his latest hobby - flying his drone.

Kyle Marsh

Kyle is our 'man on the ground' and has recently been given the position of site supervisor. Another local lad, Kyle came to work for GHC in late 2016 and has gone from strength to strength. His wide range of experience in the construction industry makes him a skilled team leader. He is an organised and efficient carpenter and ensures work under his supervision is done well.  Kyle is currently working towards his Certificate IV in Building and Construction to obtain his Builders low rise licence.

When he isn't working or studying for his Cert IV you will find Kyle in the great outdoors - camping, fishing, riding motorbikes or waterskiing.

Eugene 'Murph' Murphy

Murph joined the GHC team in 2013 and we've never looked back. With his life-long experience in the construction industry both in the United Kingdom and here in Australia he is an absolute asset to the team. Murph's particular expertise and passion lies in restorations and his skill and ability to think out of the box to come up with solutions are second to none. 

A classic Irishman, he's never short of a joke on any topic and lightens up the mood of any work site in an instant.

Nicholas Bonner

Born and bred in Stanthorpe, Nick grew up on 'Milford', a cattle property at Liston. He started at GHC in February 2015 after ten years in the construction industry. Nick is a fully qualified Carpenter and his careful attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship make him valuable on any job site. 

When he isn't working for us, nick can be found out at Milford working with his dad or camping out. He enjoys going to the know on skiing holidays. 

Ryan Williams

Ryan began his career as a school-based apprentice with GHC and has recently finished his apprenticeship and obtained his Certificate III in Carpentry. He was nominated for the 2017 Master Builders' Apprentice of the Year and his commitment to his trade and unfailing work ethic are to be commended. 

Don't be fooled by Ryan's light-hearted humour and jovial nature - he's serious about what he does and has the skill to back him. We're excited to have Ryan as part of our team and can't wait to see what the future holds for him. 

Ashley Jones

Ashley began his apprenticeship with us after completing high school in 2016. Ash says that he always wanted to undertake an apprenticeship in the building industry as he is very passionate about working with his hands and being able to build and make things. He is quickly learning the ropes of the building industry and we're excited to have him on board. 

Ash has a love for the outdoors and spends his weekends playing soccer in the winter and waterskiing in the summer. He takes part in the local park runs on a Saturday and this carries over through the week where we really keep him on the run.

Hamish Hamilton

Hamish is the newest member of the GHC team, starting his apprenticeship at the beginning of 2018. Hailing from Killarney, Hamish has moved into town to begin his career and his attitude and work ethic on site already have him in good favour with his supervisors. A quiet chap, Hamish is a good listener and a quick learner which is sure to set him in good stead for the years ahead. We're looking forward to seeing him grow as he begins his apprenticeship.

Kim Bonner

After 23 years working in the local vet clinics, Kim decided it was time for a change and came to help with administration (& some child taming) back in September of 2016. (Don't worry, we don't let her anywhere near the power tools!)

She does two days a week in the office at GHC and also works one day at Wilshire & Co.

In her 'spare' time you will find her working out at her property at Liston where she breeds Santa Gertrudis cattle, which are supposed to pay for her other interests such as travelling the world!

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