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"Guy Collier and GHC Building Solutions have undertaken a number of building and renovation projects for our company.  I have found Guy to be the ultimate professional in everything he does.  


Firstly,  Guy communicates with us extremely well. Always clear, courteous and respectful, Guy has always ensured that all parties are very clear in our understanding of expectations at each step of the building process.  I particularly appreciate that Guy has been honest and fair in all our dealings.


Finally,  and probably most importantly,  Guy's standard of work is very high.  The close attention to detail,  and ensuring that all work is done to the highest of trade standards leaves me very confident that the job is very well done."


Glynn Rigden

Southern Downs Veterinary Services

When we embarked on adding a carport and front entrance, we were looking for a builder who could work with the existing structure that had some issues in need of repair, and also work with the bad fall of the block.


Guy and his team readily understood the nature of the problems we had and offered realistic and cost effective solutions that worked architecturally with the existing house. Their work was of the highest standard and left the site clean and tidy.


I would thoroughly recommend GHC Building Solutions to anyone looking for professional, economic building services.


Ben & Ainslie Hall, Brisbane.

We needed several projects completed quickly and efficiently, and GHC did just that. We needed a builder who would listen to our plans for, and advise on the construction of, a building that was a bit unusual. Guy came up with ideas and suggestions that ensured that the project became exactly what was required.   


Guy is prompt and efficient, qualities not always found in the building fraternity these days. The jobs are completed quickly and well.

Guy has a pleasant and helpful personality. No matter if it is a large project or a small job, Guy and his team approach their work with energy and professionalism. 


Give GHC  a go... they’re the Guys you need!


Malcolm & Betty Balch, Stanthorpe.

"I bought a "renovator delight," about five years ago. One of the problems that had been bugging me for a while was how to repair the front door and maintain security of the house, while fixing this.  My house had been rented for quite a few years before I bought it and it was obvious that the front French doors had been kicked in a few times.  I'm in the amateur class and if given time I can figure out how to do the job.  Sometimes it's a good job and other times the amateur status shows. It took some time to realise that my front door replacement needed a professional.


One day I was chewing over this problem with a friend, and Guy Collier was recommended.  Because Guy was a personal friend, this recommendation carried a bit of weight.  It was having a good recommendation that tipped the balance for me and stopped my procrastination.


As soon as you meet Guy you realise he's very thoughtful.  When he saw the problems contained in my front doors he offered a couple of solutions.  He also nominated which solution was the best solution.  That solution was to strip out all the old door framing and patch up jobs that had been used previously. The damage was more than met the eye.  It wasn't just a matter of hanging some doors from the wall.


I now have a brand new door arrangement in an old house.  Every time I leave the house the door closes with a gentle "click."   Guy used a number of sophisticated tools, that I had never seen the like of and produced the kind of accuracy and craftsmanship that only a professional can produce. Every time I close the front door and hear that gentle click sound I think of Guy Collier.


It is worth mentioning too, that the unexpected happened on the day Guy and his offsider, Greg did the job.  In the afternoon there was a big storm and the doors weren't yet in place. All the new lining and frame work were in place, but the doors hadn't been quite squared to Guy's satisfaction and of course the clouds burst and it bucketed down.  A tarp was hastily held in place to seal the house and the storm then had to be waited out.  That meant a late afternoon for Guy, because he was determined that house security was paramount before he left that day.  I was more afraid, at that point, that he might be in trouble with his wife and son getting home late!


Anyone considering any work anywhere, big and small shouldn't look further than Guy at GHC Building solutions.  My job was only a small one, but I'm also aware of some of his big building projects that have been written up in the newspaper. I'd be happy to discuss anything further."


Robert Morison, Stanthorpe.

As newcomers to the area, we didn't know where to go to organise a builder to do some work on a pre-existing building on our property. 


Guy was recommended to us by the real estate agent and when asking around, his name came up again to confirm he was reputable.


Guy came to do the work for us and it was a pleasure. The job was a little challenging but he tackled it in a considered way, overcoming the obstacles he was faced with.


He was open and communicative throughout the whole process, keeping us updated on progress and discussing options with us as we went. It was apparent to us that he took pride in his work and the finished product was further evidence of this. 


I would not hesitate to employ Guy's services again and have no qualms about recommending him to others.

Thanks Guy!

Laura Lynch, Stanthorpe

We had a bathroom and toilet coming off a very small hallway. The hallway was a waste of space while the toilet was tiny. So we asked for quotes from builders to knock the three rooms together to make a single, much more spacious bathroom. When we asked for quotes, GHC were not only quick to respond and flexible in meeting our requirements (unlike some) but they also gave us the lowest price. The choice was easy. 


The work was completed quickly and professionally. GHC were helpful and accommodating throughout the process and the new bathroom was exactly as we had envisaged it. We have not always been happy with builders so it's good to discover a company that did a good job at a good price.


We would say to anyone considering this kind of renovation or home improvement job that they should ask for a quote from GHC before making a decision.


Graham and Christine Storrs, Pozieres

We really appreciated Guy's willingness to work with our plans and ideas - he didn't just do his own thing.  


Guy's continual communication with us throughout the whole process was excellent.  


We absolutely love our new ensuite and we are so glad we chose GHC Building Solutions for our renovation project.


N & L Sweet, Stanthorpe

After building our own tourist park, we decided when it came time to renovate our 100yr old home we would have to find an honest tradesmen who really knows their job (a real challenge in this modern world). We had tried nearly all of the local tradesmen with our other project and were let down time after time, so this time I was asking everyone if they knew of anyone who could be reliable. A few people said that they had Guy do work for them and were very happy, so I gave him a call.


From the first time I met Guy I knew I had met the tradesmen I wish I had met years ago. He was straight to the point and discussed the project with us a lot before they started so we all had a clear idea of what was going on and the time frame in which it would be done. It was a big project turning 3 small rooms into one, taking all the sheeting off the internal walls and getting them sandblasted and polished, putting a new roof and timbers over the whole house, taking the whole roof and ceiling off in the kitchen and raising it and the whole time we still had to live in the house and go to work.


Guy and his team made all of this possible everyday before they left the house was made useable and safe again, then the next day the would come in and get straight into it again.

We still cannot get over what a difference this has made to our house and our life style, its like we are living in a new home which is bright and airy, every person who has been to our house whether they had been there before or not make wonderful comments about our house and especially about the hand made shelves/ mantel at the end of our now large lounge room (thank you Guy they are spectacular).


We would have no doubt in recommending GHC to anyone who wants a Honest Reliable Tradesperson, we are getting our next project done by them (back verandah full width of house) in the very near future. If anyone would like to see what we had done just ask Guy to bring you around.

                                                                                                                                      Autumn Munson, Thulimbah

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